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October 22 2009

September 08 2009

Beyond Scrum: Lean and Kanban for Game Developers

Beyond Scrum: Lean and Kanban for Game Developers

July 24 2009

Nathan Bain a colleague at Global Radio does a Testing Talk and presentation at Skillsmatter.

June 23 2009

A basic starting point would be:

  • Stop the Line for special cause problems
  • Monthly Retrospectives with Operations Reviews for common cause problems
  • Quarterly Value Stream Mapping to reassess the whole value stream
Kanban and Retrospectives
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Introducing Kanban, Flow, and Cadence

A great article examining different aspects of lean philosophy.  It also has some good formulae for metrics.
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June 11 2009

Some of the most common TDD Anti-Patterns that others or myself (James Carr) have encountered “in the wild.”
TDD Anti-Patterns

June 08 2009

Version Control for Multiple Agile Teams

If we have several agile development teams working on the same codebase, how do we minimize the risk of stumbling over each other? How do we ensure that there always is a clean, releasable version at the end of each iteration? This paper describes an example of how to handle version control in an agile environment with multiple teams

June 02 2009

Git workflow for agile teams

An nice example of a how Hashrocket uses git for feature developments, bug fixing and Quality Assurance.

May 12 2009

The Dreyfus Model - an interview with Andy Hunt
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May 01 2009

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April 23 2009

Lean and Agile: Marriage Made in Heaven or Oxymoron?

Lean and Agile: Marriage Made in Heaven or Oxymoron?

April 22 2009

easyb is a behavior driven development framework for the Java platform. By using a specification based Domain Specific Language, easyb aims to enable executable, yet readable documentation.
easyb makes it easy, man

April 08 2009

All About Agile

Some files on agile that you can download thanks to the "All About Agile" Google Group

April 07 2009

User Story Estimation Techniques

User Story Estimation Techniques

April 06 2009

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Dynamic Burndowns: via Steve Donie

Beyond Story Cards: Agile Requirements Collaboration

You need a visionary product manager to work with your team. If you have one, you don't need to define all the details of your requirements in advance: you can wait until the last responsible moment.

If a release is more than three months away, all you may need is a vision for that release.

Up until six weeks before implementing a feature, a basic description of the feature on a card may be enough.

You'll need stories for planning about six weeks before implementing, and once you start implementing a feature, you should specify it in detail.

Fit is a great tool for using word processors to create customer acceptance tests, and combined with some prose descriptions of the tests, a Fit document can also work as your specification.
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